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Head of Department’s Message

Dear Students,

Today’s businesses are transforming from local to global. While looking for the most effective ways to use material and human resources by making more realistic plans on the one hand, they need to establish business structures that can withstand global competition. In meeting these needs, business science continues its greatest guiding function.

In recent years, Business Science has undergone significant steps in parallel with global developments and has taken its place in the focus of a very important profession called management. Our business department aims to raise the entrepreneurial minds that the business world is looking for, and the visionary bureaucrats that the public sector can employ, and the qualified academician candidates expected by the academic world; It enriched the compulsory and elective course groups with training programs appealing to all three sectors.

Candidates who have leadership and entrepreneurship skills, are prone to academic thinking, and are interested in branches of science such as marketing, production management, human resources, finance and accounting, sociology and psychology are recommended to choose the Department of Business. In addition, since an operator will be in close contact with other staff and the public in the institution he / she works for; In terms of personality traits, it should be sensitive, patient, understanding, tolerant and strong communication skills.

Our business department is focused on students; has an academic staff with ethical and aesthetic values, high academic success, lifelong learning, entrepreneurs, responsible for the environment and aiming to raise compassionate individuals. This experienced staff; It strives to raise entrepreneurship and leadership students with a mission devoted to monitoring and improving the knowledge and application in the field. For this, the famous managers and company owners of the business world are invited to the university and students are provided to benefit from the practical experience.
Students studying business administration in our department have the chance to study at foreign universities that our University has made an agreement with within the framework of Erasmus-like abroad programs. In addition, a consultancy system is implemented in order to provide effective communication and to solve student problems instantly. In addition, students who want to improve their foreign language are offered the opportunity to benefit from preparatory school and receive a second diploma.

By maximizing the participation of our students in various activities from the first year; they are provided with a climate based on open communication, respect for personal opinions and individual differences, classes where better teaching techniques are applied and a working environment where performance is evaluated.

The curriculum of the department is updated in parallel with the contemporary developments and their competencies are increased with courses such as office programs and communication skills in businesses that are most needed in the profession. Our department reflects the knowledge and experience gained from language programs to master’s and doctorate programs, and enables students to continue their postgraduate education. It also includes out-of-class activities and social activities to contribute to their level of knowledge.

Believing that our business department educates its students ready for the developments in their fields in the global business world; we will be happy to see new students among us

Prof. Dr. Tuba BÜYÜKBEŞE

Head of Business Administration