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About Us

The establishment purpose of the HKU Department of Business is to meet the needs of our country’s contemporary professional operator. The management education given in our department within the framework of interdisciplinary courses aims to enable our students to view and evaluate the events from different dimensions within the constantly changing conditions of the world.

Our educational philosophy is to improve our students’ knowledge and abilities and prepare them for life against future uncertainties; To increase their cultural accumulation, to instill the awareness of lifelong learning and to make them become citizens of the world. In this context, the aim of the department is to make its graduates equipped to carry out their duties successfully in public and private sector institutions at domestic and abroad. It is aimed to improve our students’ general knowledge as well as their professional knowledge.


Registration admission requirement for our department is to have a high score from the university department’s undergraduate score from the High School Diploma and the university placement exam (LYS).

The education period of the department is 8 semesters, excluding the preparatory class. Our students take the first step to the Professional Business environment within the scope of the CO-OP application in the 8th semester. The education language of our department is Turkish. In the department, courses are given within the framework of 4 branches of science.

  • Management and organization
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Production Management and Marketing
  • Quantitative Methods

The GPA for Graduation must be 2.00-4.00 and students must have successfully passed the Industry Applied Education (CO-OP) course.