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Hasan Kalyoncu Üniversitesi Web Sayfası
Hasan Kalyoncu Üniversitesi Web Sayfası


Hasan Kalyoncu Üniversitesi Web Sayfası
Business Administration
Business Administration

Business Administration




Organizations aim is to meet the needs of contemporary business segments of the HKU professional operators of our country. The department strong dose management training within the framework of the interdisciplinary courses, students in the world to be able to look at events in different sizes constantly changing requirements and aims to be evaluated .

Our educational philosophy is to prepare our students to live together against future uncertainty in developing their knowledge and skills ; to increase their cultural heritage , it is to make a world citizen , infusing life -long learning . The aim of this scope section, graduated from the domestic and foreign , public and private institutions will have the task queue successfully in our bring.Student be equipped to carry out professional knowledge, as the profession is aimed to improve the overall culture ..

High school diploma requirement of admission to our department and held centrally by the university placement exam (LYS) have received a high score in the university section of the base points of our business.

Chapter 8 The duration of teaching semesters.Our ogrencilerli 8. semester co-op within the scope of application are deemed to take the first step to a professional work environment. Our department is the language of education is Turkish. Chapter 4 science within the framework of lectures.The branches of this science are:
Management and organization
Accounting and finance
• Production management and marketing
Numerical Methods
1st Semester
SıraCourse CodeCourse NameStatusCredit
1 İŞL103 Introduction to Business Administration I Compulsory4
2nd Semester
SıraCourse CodeCourse NameStatusCredit
1 İŞL104 Introduction to Business II Compulsory3
2 İŞL106 Behavioral Sciences Compulsory3
3 İŞL108 Introduction to Business Administration Compulsory3
3rd Semester
SıraCourse CodeCourse NameStatusCredit
1 İŞL203 Management and Organization Compulsory3
2 İŞL215 Promotion Management Elective2
4 İŞL217 Human Resources Management Elective2
4th Semester
SıraCourse CodeCourse NameStatusCredit
1 İŞL204 Principles of Marketing Compulsory3
2 İŞL206 Women and Young Entrepreneurship Elective2
3 İŞL210 SME Management. Elective2
4 İŞL212 Marketing Research Elective2
5 İŞL009 image and reputation management. Elective2
6 İŞL011 performance and career management Elective2
7 İŞL002 Entrepreneurship and Leadership Elective2
5th Semester
SıraCourse CodeCourse NameStatusCredit
1 İŞL317 Retail management Elective2
2 İŞL323 management of multinational companies Elective2
6th Semester
SıraCourse CodeCourse NameStatusCredit
1 İŞL310 Organizational Behaviour Elective3
2 İŞL304 Production Management Compulsory3
3 İŞL320 Services Marketing Elective2
7th Semester
SıraCourse CodeCourse NameStatusCredit
1 İŞL403 Global Enterpreneurship Compulsory3
2 İŞL405 Strategic Management Compulsory3
3 İŞL409 International Business Management Compulsory3
4 İŞL423 Product and Pricing Management Elective2
5 İŞL411 Strategic Decision Theory Elective2
6 İŞL417 Business Ethics  2
7 İŞL427 Total Quality Management Elective2
8 İŞL431 The new Service Design Elective2
8th Semester